How Vowel Sounds are Produced

How Vowel Sounds are Produced Essay 

What are the peculiarities of producing the vowel sounds in the English language?

People produce consonant and vowel sounds that are organized in words to communicate orally. Consonants need air blockage when vowels require sound flow and shaping. The vowels depend on the three things. The first characteristic is height. It depends on the position of the tongue, which can be placed low, mid, and high in the mouth. The second characteristic is called advancement. It is also related to the tongue position. To produce vowels, the tongue can be placed in the front or back parts of the mouth. The last characteristic is rounding. It depends on the lips position. The lips can be protruded, round, and almost flat. Pronunciation is one of the hardest tasks when you want to learn some foreign language because it is necessary to teach your lips and tongue different positions than they didn’t know before. For this reason, it is good to do special exercises.